5 ways to get protection from data loss

We should take necessary steps to protect our data. Anyone can be at risk of data loss. You can lose data due to operating system crash, user error, theft, natural disaster, etc. Here are five ways to protect your data.

Protection against power failure

If there is a voltage problem, you can loose data. You should buy an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) to safeguard your system. This ensures that in the case of sudden power failure, you still get the opportunity to save your data.

Take data backups regularly

You can use online file storage to backup your data automatically. You can have an online backup system or create a local backup system for your data.

Get antivirus and spyware protection

You may lose important data due to viruses or malware. There are some viruses that can seriously affect your computer. So, it is important that you have the latest antivirus and spyware protection installed on your computer.

Protect important files with password

Files can be erased due to user error. You should protect your files and applications with a password. If you are sharing a computer with others then password protection of files is very important.

Shut down your computer properly

If you don’t shut down your system properly, you might lose important data. You should make sure that you close down applications and save your data before you shut down the system.

You must remember these things whenever you are working on your computer. These steps will help you to protect your critical data all the time.

3 reasons why data recovery services help to improve productivity

When files get corrupted, it may take a long time to restore the file. This may affect the company’s productivity. If your company has a data recovery system in place, you will know that if files are lost accidentally can be retrieved easily. Data recovery systems help to improve the company’s productivity.

Have control

If you implement a data recovery service, you are in control of the process. The security of the confidential data is in your hands. These backups will increase the productivity of your team.

Staying proactive

Instead of reacting to a disaster, it is wiser to be proactive. You should constantly back up your data so that your business productivity is not lost in case of emergency. By having a data recovery service in place, you can easily resume your work. You can have local backups on an external hard disk. You can have cloud backups as well.

Understanding your data

You will know how often backups are taken if you have a data recovery system. You will know the specific ways backups are taken. You will know how your data is stored. This will help you to impact your workflow positively.

It is important that you have a data recovery service in place. In the case of emergency situations, it won’t obstruct your workflow. You won’t need to spend hours recovering your lost files. So, the productivity of your business will also increase. If you don’t have a data recovery service in your office yet, you should have one immediately.

4 reasons why you should take backup of your data to the cloud

Every business handles tons of critical data each day. These data are important for the operation of the business. You should have some kind of backup plan ready to protect your data. Here are the reasons you should backup your data to the cloud.

Data will be safer off-site

If you keep your data on-site, you have the risk of losing data due to fire, theft or natural disaster. So, your backup data will also be gone in such events. It is safer to keep your backup data in another location.

You won’t waste time

It is time-consuming to format and swap out backup media. With an online backup system, you won’t need to worry about such tasks. You can now use your time effectively.

Total cost of ownership is low

You won’t have to pay for expensive hardware upgrades if you have a cloud backup solution. There is no need to install any operating systems or software as well. So, your overall cost of taking a backup is low.

Reliable and fast

Cloud is a reliable backup system. They have about 99.9% reliability score. There are people who monitor the backup works regularly. Taking backup also takes less time.

You should start having a backup in your cloud system if you want to keep your data safe. Disaster can happen anytime and you may end up losing all your critical data. So, you should take immediate backup of your files.

Infographic by: www.asigra.com