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Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 is a must-have data recovery tool for all Windows users. The software empowers you to recover data from lost or formatted volumes, corrupt hard drives‚ repartitioned drives‚ or any inaccessible external storage media. It has the ability to scan storage devices with capacities equal to or greater than 2 TB. Hence‚ you can perform recovery from today’s high-capacity hard drive offerings.

The software features a dedicated ‘Photo Recovery’ option to scan for and recover images and multimedia files of almost all types. Using this feature‚ you can easily get back your lost or deleted songs‚ audio clips‚ movies‚ videos‚ and the entire music library. The software provides preview of scanned files in three unique styles (Classic Tree‚ File Type List‚ and Filtered Tree)‚ thus incorporating more user-friendly options for easy recovery.

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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.

Note : The Windows recovery software is available in two special editions: 'Home' and 'Professional'. For information of the Key Features of the Home and professional editions, refer to the comparison chart.

Comparison Between Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery : Home & Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Features Home
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1. Windows Partition Recovery - Recovers lost data from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS partitions. Performs recovery from corrupt or accidentally formatted partitions. supports supports
2. Recovery from Drives above 2 TB - Allows scanning and retrieving data from high-capacity hard drives that provide more than 2 TB of data storage. supports supports
3. Deleted File Recovery - Recovers data in all cases of accidental deletion. Supports recovery of deleted files, such as MS Office documents, Acrobat files, Backup files, and Database files. supports supports
4. Lost/Deleted Audio/Video Recovery - Recovers lost or deleted audio and video files from any Windows Partition. Supports a range of digital audio/video file formats supports supports
5. Photo, Music, and Video Recovery - Enables recovery of deleted, lost, or formatted pictures, photos, and images from hard drives, memory card, SD card, pen drives, and external hard drives. supports supports
6. Search Lost Drive - Searches for logical drives that are permanently deleted from the system. supports supports
7. Search Option - The search bar on the top of the interface can be used to search for a specific file in the scan results. supports supports
8. Option to Resize Application Window - Facilitates resizing of the application screen according to your priority. supports supports
9. On-the Fly Detection of External Media - Automatically detects any external storage device on-the-fly and lists all volumes on the media for data recovery. supports supports
10. Auto Update - 'Auto Update' feature enables to upgrade the software. supports supports
11. File Preview - You can preview all the recoverable files after the storage media is scanned. not supported supports
12. Categorization of Scanned Files - Shows files after scanning in three types of tree views: Classic Tree, File Type List, and Filtered Tree not supported supports
13. CD/DVD Recovery - Recovers data from corrupt or badly written CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. not supported supports
14. File Filter - Using the 'File Filter' option you can recover the files based on their extensions. not supported supports
15. Signature Based Recovery - Using the Signature based recovery you can recover selected file types. not supported supports
16. Resume Recovery - Resume Recovery option enables to restart the recovery process at any later time. not supported supports
17. Raw Recovery - You can recover the entire data from the attached drive. not supported supports
18. Save Scan - This feature is used to save the scanned data so that recovery can be done at later time. not supported supports
19. Drive Status - The 'Drive Status' features monitor the status of the drive and updates about any imminent hardware issues. not supported supports
20. Clone Drive - You can create a copy of the hard disk. not supported supports
21. Create Image - Using 'Create Image' option you can create an image of the disk or any logical volume. not supported supports
22. Masking - The 'Masking' option is used to narrow down the scan result. not supported supports
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* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.